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Whoever came up with this deserves a pay rise.

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that dog. performing on some completely bizarre 90s talk show

So good

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Directed by Akihiko Taniguchi.

Produced by Mat Dryhurst

Thanks to Matt Werth, Bill Kouligas, and everyone else who helped make this happen.

Holly Herndon:

So much of Chorus was constructed by spying on my own online habits. It felt fitting to invite Akihiko, who I had been spying on online for a long time before my approach, to contribute the visual treatment of the piece.

Akihiko Taniguchi:

I was interested in exploring the textures of daily necessities and the embodiment / physicality of the computer and Internet. One of the most striking contemporary images is that of the desktop capture, which is seen commonly on YouTube as part of software tutorials. I like the shots of desktops that are poorly organized and ‘lived-in’.

Referencing one of my earlier pieces 'study of real-time 3D Internet', I considered how it corresponds to the personal environment outside of the screen and how particular it is to my identity and my friend’s identities. I asked several friends to photograph their desktop environments and then rendered these images with custom 3D software, shooting video by moving throughout this virtual space. This video is a collection of records of life of friends and their Internet environments.


I love the idea of depicting the mundane and quotidian in high definition, and how evocative and individual each of these spaces are. Thinking about intimacy and the laptop is familiar territory for me. I’ve also been thinking a lot about privacy, particularly in light of the ongoing revelations regarding the NSA, which add a more sinister sub-narrative to Akihiko’s piece.

The most crucial conversations happening in technology at the moment focus squarely on our work space, our email, our iSight and our smart phone, and how much we can honestly claim those spaces to be ours at all in an era of indiscriminate and imperceptible surveillance.

Something about this makes me want to play Katamari (or have an anxiety attack).

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Istvan Orosz - Window Paradox



Istvan Orosz - Window Paradox

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I am so happy to have stumbled across Hilary Sloane and her work. You can’t help but to be drawn in by her collaged gifs.

Based in Melbourne, Sloane’s work ranges from illustrations and animation, to collages and photography.

Find her: tumblr / vimeo / store

These are so ill.

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::straps on rollerblades::

::straps on rollerblades::

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